Congratulations on taking the first step towards mouth-watering breakfast places at the charming London!

Breakfast needs some sought of love and affection which our moms and teachers offer us as it is the most crucial meal of the day…..

Thankfully, London has a very strong offering of breakfast which you had never tasted in life.

Enjoy the breakfast of London in a sweet morning at these quirky spots.

  1. Balthazar

This London’s place is located in the heart of Theatreland, which is the chief eatery before going out in London.  Balthazar delivers traditional food and beverages including- Lobster Royale and grapefruit.

  • Full English at regency café

Opened since 1946, this café caters proper English grub till this day. The interior of this café is mind-blowing which surprises the people in its way.

Indeed, you can see this café in several Hollywood movies. Talking with regards to the cost, it is affordable.

  • Modern pantry

The name itself says its significance. This place in London is very contemporary and delivers fresh food and juices at a reasonable price. The courses of breakfast which are designed are very amazing and mouth-watering.

  • Duck and waffle

This 24-hour busy spot is the most eminent place in London which delivers every kind of food any time of the day and night. So, when the party is hard and all the hotels and restaurants get closed, Duck and Waffles is ready to serve you.

  • Granger and co

The culture of breakfast in Australia is very high, so this café will serve you Aussie inspired breakfast which got its name in the last few years in London. The branches of this cafe are serving all across the city in London.

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