After school programs are conducted outside school hours to nurture a child’s cognitive and social ability. They are both educational and recreational and help to stimulate a child’s overall development. The best part about after-school programs is that they are community driven but student oriented. This means your child gets the best learning opportunities. However, sometimes it is not easy to find the best after school program. Therefore, Positive Ally brings you the best after-school programs and summer camps in Bellevue.

We at Positive Ally believe that every child is unique. Some children have fast imbibing ability whereas some children tend to learn slowly. But this doesn’t mean that the children with slow learning ability aren’t capable of improving their learning skills. There is always scope for improvement—be it a fast learner or a slow learner. It is the job of parents and teachers to find out a child’s strengths and weakness in both academic and social life. However, not every parent or teacher is able to identify a child’s positive and negative attributes. This is where after-school programs play an important role. After school programs are designed to help a child to improve his/her cognitive and skills. They help your child to learn new leadership skills so as to make him/her future ready. Our leadership program consists of after-school program and summer camps for kids.

The after-school program is designed to provide academic assistance to your child outside the classroom. Inside the classroom, your child may not be able to grasp and understand the concepts within a limited time period. Therefore, our certified teachers make sure that your child understands every concept clearly rather than cramming them. They implement the individualized 30-day study plan so as to meet every child’s academic need. The framework of the after-school program cover homework organized sports and extracurricular activities. The personalized reinforcement is provided on the basis of academic assessment for English language, math, and arts. The assessment helps the teacher to identify the areas where the child requires academic reinforcement. Based on the results of the assessment the teacher designs an individualized action plan and provides homework to the child. In addition to this, the teachers will also track your child’s progress so as to provide the best academic assistance and learning environment.

On the other hand, our summer camps for kids in Bellevue are designed to engage your child in creative and fun learning activities. The mandatory extracurricular activities offered at the summer camps are such as destination imagination, theater, musical theater, visual arts, public speaking, science, and nutrition. On the other hand, elective extracurricular activities offered at the summer camp are keyboarding and software coding. These activities are inspired by real-life situations and help your child to be more socially active. These activities are conducted by professionals so as to promote a healthy learning environment. The purpose of these activities is to boost your child’s confidence. They are designed to improve your child’s communication and interpersonal skills, coping and self-management skills, critical thinking, decision-making skills, and health and wellness. They expose your child’s mind to imagination, creativity, and reasoning and thus developing his/her overall personality.

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