Life is no fun without a little spontaneity, right? Somehow or the other we all have been surrounded by some meticulous factors that indicate we are leading a monotonous life. The wanderlust bug residing within us teases us to come out from the shell and adorn the divine beauty of the world. We all try to take some time out from our hectic schedule to live a few moments on our own terms in exploring the places we have never seen before. Because, when we grow old these will be the moments we are going to reminiscent in future and not the time we have spent in the office.

At least a single trip once a year is enough to keep our soul alive before monotony kills us. Life sometimes can be more sympathetic to us and blesses us with an unexpected treat. So, what should you do when you suddenly got a plan to visit a place far away? Putting together a trip on a short notice, whether out of impulse or necessity requires a lot of efforts. The last minute plan makes us forget about many things. From getting a flight ticket, booking hotel, backpacking, taking all necessary staffs, everything seems messed up during the last minute. So, how will you manage to do everything within a short period of time? Let’s find this out.

Book your ticket

Whether it is a sudden plan or a pre-plan, always search for the online booking portal for domestic and international flights that offer the best deal for the destination you are traveling to. It not only saves you some extra bucks but also rescue you from running out of availability on flights. If you are planning to have a multi-city trip, you can book the tickets for each destination at a single go, once you know the date of your journey.

Pack your bag

One of the hardest part before any trip is to choose what to pack from multiple options. It often happens to us that we forget an important travel kit and later we have to face hassles for the same. From packing all our necessary and comfortable clothes to the charger of your phone, your hygiene kit and fast-aid box to your sports shoes, you need everything when traveling to a place for vacation. Don’t pack whatever you have, rather pack only the necessary staffs.

Consult a travel guide

Last minute travel plan makes you unstable and you don’t understand what to do first and what to pack in your luggage. At such point of time, you need someone to guide you. Hiring a travel guide is not that bad. They are well-experienced and know what you are going to need and which place you must visit. They help you get an ideal travel itinerary to have a sound and smooth trip.

Book hotel prior to your journey

Being an early bird is always better and so it is recommended to book your hotel prior to your journey. It assures you that you will have a roof above your head when you reach your destination.

If going international-apply visa

While traveling to an international destination, apply for visa first as you don’t know whether the consulate will grant you approval or not. As soon as you obtain visa, book flight ticket and hotel instantly and start packing your bag.

Although, last minute trip is quite painstaking and takes a lot of efforts not to forget an important thing and miss a chance to avail the best deal on a flight, but once you reach at your destination, all your efforts pay off. Traveling is just not teaches you lesson, it brings spring in winter and refreshes your mind and soul.

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