If you think that after exploring museums, palaces, parks, etc, you have witnessed the entire London, then get your figures right. Try some different and fulfilled attractions to make your tour thrilling and memorable for years and years. 

London Zoo Lion Lodge

What about a nerve-wracking experience at the Lion London Zoo? It was opened in May 2016 and since then thousands of tourists have experienced closed encounter with the Asiatic lion. The lodge resembles the rural villages of India given perfect ambience through stalls, props, etc. You can hear the roar and growl of lions from just a yard distance. Do not panic as these lodges are sturdily built, giving complete protection. The stay involves evening tour of hippos, lemurs, meerkats, etc. in the African section of the Zoo. Enjoy your night back into the lodge with your new wild friends.  

Swingers Crazy Golf

We are sure majority of folks find golf seriously boring and hard to understand game. But Swingers Crazy Golf  has actually redefined the game of Golf by adding spice of fun to it. The Swingers Crazy Golf flourishes the game play in 1920s style venue offering two nine hole fanatical golf courses, 3 road food stalls and astonishing drinks served from any of the 5 bars. Well in the night, you can play the crazy game with the rhythmic music hit by clubs DJ.   You can utterly enjoy here with no kids to distract. You can also have a thrilling experience in London by getting London escorts service to make your experience in the capital unusual and great. London escorts are available in variety like Asian, Brunette, Blonde, Busty etc. You can really have a good wild time with them.

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