While sales and business development are often used interchangeably, it would be wrong for these two very different jobs to characterize exactly the same way. Business Development can also be used as a mask when a salesperson is not to be considered as a salesperson. Some companies will make sellers feel more important by giving them a special title for their new business cards.

Those who focus primarily on sales and those working in business development have unique goals and ways to achieve these goals. Business Development Consultant and sellers are integral to the growth of a company, but the two roles should complement rather than be considered as interchangeable.

The difference

As an article published by TBK Consult puts, business development consultant is responsible for finding a good fit between a product or service and a demographic market. In contrast, a seller is responsible for generating profits after getting those market demographics chosen to invest in the product or service.

Development of affairs

57 percent of the decision of a consumer to purchase or not to purchase a product or service is complete before the consumer ever talks to a salesperson. This statistic highlights the importance of consultants in business development.


Whatever the strategy and research, at the end of the day you will need a talented seller to close the deal. Are the face of product vendors, charismatic leaders who listen and really connect with people and make their valuable services.

To be clear, the main objective of a seller is the deal; sellers are not responsible for the manufacture of a product or a better product (or service), the marketing of this service, driving leads, or anything else – they are responsible for the conversion of an advance a sale.

Confusing roles

It is important that during the hiring phase and the development of your business, you acknowledge two very different roles that consultants in business development and sellers. When the two roles are confused and people are not sure of their role, things can get a bit chaotic.

Failing to distinguish between the two roles leads to a lack of clarity. It is essential to understand the cycles of the target market, audience and sales, and maximize business development consultants’ skills and those of the sales team.

The best sales professionals are focused on research on the market, or make commercial development consultants find more success trying to convert prospects into sales. People play at their best when they are able to focus and maximize their talents and skills.

The Overlap

After drilling home, the point that consultants vendors and business development have unique tasks and roles should not be confused … there might be some overlap. It is unlikely that salespeople spend too much time to handle one of the business development consultants’ tasks, but the business development consultants could indeed put on the hat of a salesperson. Development consultant responsible from domain search online for their business to final step implementation. The size of the company, the staff, the experience of the team, the maturity of the company, industry and the sales process are just a few variables that could determine their involvement.

Investing in both

Both sellers and executives responsible for business development help you achieve the ultimate goal of your business: to make a profit. While both roles are different, everyone should be encouraged and supported to ensure that your company has the resources and tools it needs for optimum success.

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