Consider requesting a new business brand? Remember that mere registration or payment of fees will not quite get you a good mark approved.

A brand is a symbol sign of phrase or design that uniquely identifies your buyers to products and services and builds creditability of your business in front of them. The increased demand for goods and services and the growth of a multi-brand economy created a need for the registration of trademarks. Business owners with a brand can now highlight their innovations and sell their products across the borders of the state and country are not limited to duplicity or alleged breach of any other brand identity.

Trademark registration is a very time-consuming process to follow, the most crucial part of the process be “If there is an existing brand, logo or brand can forge our new trademark application? “.

But yes! This is possible with an online trademark search.

A trademark search to find means that existing marks are registered online that can threaten a brand-new application in the coming days in the use of similar marks, words, phrases, etc.

Where to search online brand?

Trademark applications are managed by the Comptroller General of the designs of Patents and Trademarks (CGPDT). The agency maintains a database of registered trademarks of requests for data that can be used by any applicant for a brand to find related or registered trademarks. A research on trademark specific:

-Applicant trademarks.

-The class brand

-The number of applications.

-Status the mark as registered, withdrawn, which the opposition scored for examination, etc.

Although all of the trademark registration process takes too long to complete, therefore, to ensure timely monitoring of implementation – one at intervals can check the status of his / her trademark application on a common support provided by the government portal established by almost every country.

Why brand research is needed?

For existing brands: Applied brands without objection from duplicity or similarity can be approved and registered. Thus, the realization of a trademark search is online need to know the existing brands have been approved or are still approve this can become problematic for your new brand in the process.

For existing registered business ideas like yours: A search for the mark of a keyword provides a complete list of candidates who are already in the queue for the registration of their brand or already registered with an idea similar business like yours. It gives you an overview of competitors in a similar line of business you own.

To help you save on the use of restricted expressions: A search of the brand is an effective tool that provides a complete list of prohibited expressions worldwide, which at any time cannot be used when implementation of a new demand for online brand.

To save your cost of compliance: With a comprehensive search of the mark made online, you can save the cost of multiple resubmissions of the trademark application and can get a unique brand for business knowing before – available brands and blocked phrases not to use. You can save a lot spending you think to spend on some sales and business development consultant.

A Brands Search online can bring you several matches to compare your brand before you put your brand to the final submission without charge. It will help you to know the implications involved in the whole process and an estimated chance of approval of the brand by the Ministry if all the conditions are met.

A brand of research showing “no match found” may be advantageous for the applicant to come with the new business idea with a registered trademark. He also doubles your chances of getting approved with a new brand at a time.

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