India is said to be the youngest nation in the world because 65% of the population in India is below 35 years of age. The potential of this country is considered to be huge keeping in mind the density of the young brigade. It is expected that India would become the super power in coming time. One of the toughest exams in the world is the Indian civil service exam, which is conducted every year, and students in huge numbers participate in the exam, out of them, the best minds are selected for the esteemed post. India produces nearly around 20 lakhs of engineers every year. In every aspect the number is as high.

With this much intelligence, intellect, and education, why does the Indian youth say that they don’t have the deep knowledge of the discipline that is taught to them? This is because of the Indian education system that has been running since 18th century. The children are sent to the schools at 2 years of age. The child is then made to learn what is necessary. The kid’s thoughts are molded in accordance with the system. This continues until the end of college. To cope up with the fast growing world, the students somehow manage to memorize the subjects to pass the exam. After finishing the education, it is expected from the students to make a solid career. After just learning the topics and not gaining knowledge, the students find it difficult in the real world to adjust, where the knowledge survives. This comes as a failure in front of the students for which, they are not prepared for.

In order to survive in this world, the aspirants try to find out different ways that might help them to thrive and achieve success. The youth of the country is in a confused state because their ability to think and do the innovative activity was killed in the childhood when they were forced to follow the rituals of the schools, exams, etc. The result of which, can be seen in those days when they choose their careers. The youth of the country have become a flock of sheep, following the same direction just to prevent them from being ashamed in the society for trying something different. Earlier a BBA or a B.Com aspirant would opt for an MBA, but nowadays nearly everybody is doing MBA because it sounds cool and might provide career stability and most importantly it is in fashion. People search for the best universities in Bangalore for MBA that might set their careers and provide security.

The best institute for MBA in Bangalore is one of the most discussed topics among the youth. The youth should not be confused about their choices and should not follow others to make their careers. There shall be a change in the education system that allows the students to do whatever they feel like instead of forcing them to follow the education pattern. The stress should be paid on skill development that would help the youth understand and gain knowledge instead of mugging.

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